Getting the Engine up and Running

Reinstalled Engine

After searching a bit on the internet to find a solution to the crankshaft I found “Just Miata’s” Crank Saver device did the trick.  It doesn’t work by fixing the key-way damage but instead it allows the timing gear and pulley to be reinstalled with the correct alignment and then it supports the key from all sides.  I’m very happy to not be swapping out the crankshaft or finding a new engine right now.

Getting everything back together was trivial.  Installed new belts, hoses, and replaced some rusted out bolts.  Did some minor electrical repair.  Made a bracket to mount a new overflow container (the original was missing). New fluids and the engine starts right up and idles nicely.  A very noticeable difference from before.  However you can hear the lifters ticking loudly.  Its not critical but it adds another replacement part to my list.


Hard Dog Roll bar installWith the engine sorted safety is the next big thing.  At a minimum for HPDE open top cars require an approved roll bar.  The “Hard Dog” Hard Core M1 is an approved bolt in roll bar.  Pulled the seats, carpet and soft-top; then made the necessary cuts and holes and dropped it in place.

I plan to install a 5 point harness but until I get race seats I’ll stick with the OEM belts for the first few HPDE events.

Also went ahead and installed new rotors to match the brake pads. Bleed the brake system and replaced the parking brake cables.

Finishing Touches

Rebuilt the shifter and passenger window mechanism.  Added numbers and decals for added horsepower.  The last remaining item is to get the car tech inspected.

HPDE Ready Miata

HPDE Ready Miata



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