Getting Home

I’ve had my 92′ Miata for just over a year now.  It’s been through a lot of changes, repairs and upgrades.  Car started out with leaking brake fluid, bad shocks, broken windshield, etc.  From a distance the car doesn’t look too bad.  On closer inspection you can find numerous body, suspension, engine issues.  The brakes worked enough to be temporary, in the short trip home the brake fluid was nearly empty. 

Safety First

First things first. Safety. This included fixing the brakes, brake lines and adding a roll bar.  The engine also needed some maintenance.  Pulled it to fix an oil leak and the crank shaft wobbling. This was enough to take the car out to its first track day at Texas World Speedway.

Suspension and Electronics

After that first event it was clear the stock suspension and all-season tires had to go. Also added some gauges to monitor engine vitals. 


What race car doesn’t have fancy graphics, logos and loud colors.  The old flaky paint needed tog go!  My first venture into painting a car. I went with a basic spray gun an some paint from home depot.  I did manage to get the paint on the car, and in my opinion does look better than before.  Really the question is how long will it last.

More changes are coming soon. The car is getting prepped for an endurance race in September and will need a roll cage and some other safety equipment.


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