Success at Texas World Speedway

The weekend was a large success in that the Miata made the 200 mile trip to Texas World Speedway, ran eight 20 min sessions and then made the trip back in one piece!

The performance was as expected while running on very old stock suspension and all-season tires.  Lots of body roll, very slippery around corners and tire hopping during heavy braking.  I ran my best lap in 2:20.93, for comparison most Spec Miata drivers ran 2:00-2:05 lap times. Cyclone SM Race #2

New Miata Issues

The track time did put a toll on the car in the form of several new issues.

  • The already broken muffler developed more rattles.
  • Engine is eating oil and smoking from the tail pipe.
  • Left front wheel is making a high pitch noise.


Wire ripped out of the IAT sensor connector.

The car did try to disassemble itself at the track by ripping the wires out of the IAT sensor.  The wires managed to get caught in the headlight mechanism.  Over time the wires wound up around this mechanism and eventually ran out of slack.  Luckily a friendly neighbor lent me some electrical cables and I was able to fab up a quick and dirty fix to get the car running again.

Notes for next Event

As a reminder to myself I need to make sure a few more items are brought in order to support the car.  A torque wrench; boards to place under jacks and jack-stands and electrical supplies.

I’m going to install proper race seats and harnesses. The corners really throw you around distracting from driving.

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Joseph Villemarette · May 1, 2017 at 5:59 pm

I’m jealous of your project Miata man! My plans for one got derailed by Haley totalling her Corolla last week. She fine…annd wants a WRX;)

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