A few weeks ago I made the decision and set a goal to compete in a spec racing class. The 2 classes that interested me most were the E30 and Miata classes.  After some consideration and asking for advise around the track I made the decision to go with Spec Miata.  The primary reason being that the Miata class is very popular with lots of competition, which I see as more opportunities to improve my driving.  Second, cost is important to me and Miata racing is known to be more “affordable”.  I’ll be trying to keep my budget at ~$6k to find prep a car for Spec racing.

The Purchase

It wasn’t long after that I had bought a ’92 Miata from a local dealer for $1.6k. The engine sounds a bit rough when first starting and the belt squeals loudly for a few seconds afterwards tho it runs and handles well. With my limited knowledge of Miatas I couldn’t find any major problem I couldn’t fix.  So I bought it knowing it would need a bit of work as all old cars do.

After getting the car home some investigation let me to find the car has been modified with a Megasquirt pnp2 aftermarket ECM.  A huge plus as this is an expensive device I’ll be able to sell once I convert the car back to the stock computer.

The Plan

I’m going to be prepping the car in steps, first is maintenance and reliability; second is to get safety components installed so I drive it in HPDE events; and then later prep it for the Spec Miata class.  My first event for the car is planned for April 22-23 which is coming up pretty quickly, better hurry!

My short list below is some of the items I’ve identified for each step:


  • Replace a bad brake caliper
  • Belt and Hose replacements
  • Muffler Rattles
  • Needs overflow tank
  • Fix A/C system or remove the system entirly
  • Water & Oil pump replacment

HPDE Track day prep

  • Roll Bar
  • Brake pads
  • Brake Lines

Spec Miata Race Prep

  • Roll Cage
  • Race Seats and Harnesses
  • Return to stock ECU
  • Spec muffler
  • Spec shocks
  • Spec wheels and tires
  • other?

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Ryan · April 16, 2017 at 6:27 pm

Was a pleasure getting involved and hope to help get it further. Cheers dude.

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