A Few More Upgrades

A bit stressful these last 2 weeks.  My plan was to get a few new upgrades including a racing seat, suspension, wheels and exhaust for a HPDE this weekend.  Well I am very happy to say that the car is 98% ready.  Getting to this point however was not without its fair share of issues, delays, and bugs.

Most issues came in the form of parts delays, but we did have significant issues fitting a new seat low enough for my head to clear the roll bar.

I found that our previous exhaust repair did not hold for long and broke along the weld seam.  Not too disappointing here as a whole new exhaust is going in. This will solve the annoying rattling noises this car makes.

Every ball joint boot on the front suspension was ruined and needed to be replaced. The bent tie rod ends were replaced as well.

I had placed the order for new shocks three weeks before my next planned event thinking this would give me 1-2 weekends to get everything installed and set. However due to part supply and and a random shipping delay I did not receive them until just last Monday, the week of the event.  Luckily I had no issue installing them in just one afternoon.

Tech Inspection and Alignment

No problems found during the tech inspection this time around.

The alignment shop the ride height was set to ~4″ and bushing pre-load removed.

Initial settings are:
Camber: -2.8deg
Toe: 0 in
Camber: -2.8
Toe: 1/32 in

As the new wheels have yet to arrive I will have to get these mounted at the track.

Spec Exhaust

With the car up in the air I found another problem I’ll put on the back-burner for now, is that the exhaust rubs on the rear diff.  I will need to adjust or brace the exhaust before before it punches a hole in the pipe.

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Mom · November 19, 2017 at 6:58 pm

So proud of you!!

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